Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Blue Boxes and Ashford Councils smart phone app

Hi Everyone

I spoke with a gentleman in Environmental at the council, and he made me aware of a new app they have designed for Smartphones all about the blue recycle boxes.


There is lots of information about what we can and can't put into our blue boxes and the scheme in general on this link:


Unfortunately only half of the residents with blue boxes use them regularly, hence we have a low recycling figure.

Most of Stanhope residents have blue boxes for recycling paper, cans and glass, the only exception being flats and the new developments. Unfortunately under our present contract, we don’t take plastic or cardboard.

A totally new waste contract is being worked on now, for commencement in April 2013, when we will be working with other local authorities, to supply a service to all of our residents. The aim is to collect the same items across the boroughs which will include plastic and cardboard, also food waste. How it will all come together is a bit early to say, so I don’t know whether our Councillors will agree to wheelie bins or not.

I am hopeful that we will go in the same direction as Swale Council, increasing recycling rates while reducing the amount of rubbish sent for incineration.

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